1. For which mobile phones is the "Shopping List" available?
The "Shopping List" is availabe for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Android and Windows Phone and can be downloaded from the respective market.

2. What does the "Shopping List" cost?
Both the download of the "Shopping List" and the usage of the app including the registration are for free. Only costs for the internet connection depending on your mobile contract will arise. Please ask your provider.

3. Why should I register? And am I bound by contract then?
After the registration you get an own account, which is protected by your username or mail address and your password. In this account your personal information and your shopping lists are stored. Other users do not have access. Neither by downloading the app, its usage nor the registration with valuephone arises any kind of contractual relation.

4. Why didn't I get the activation mail?
That might have different reasons: please check whether your inbox is full and if necessary delete no more needed e-mails. But most probably the e-mail has been moved to the spam folder of your mail box. In many e-mail tools the mail can simply be shifted back to the inbox. Perhaps you have to add our sender address to your trusted contacts. It might also be possible that you simply mistyped your e-mail address during the registration for valuephone. In this case you can register again with a different e-mail address or wait for 72 hours until the registration is deleted automatically as you didn't activate it. Then your e-mail address is again available as username.

5. The activation link expired. Can I get a new one please?
The confirmation e-mail, which is send to your e-mail address after the registration with valuephone, contains a link to confirm and activate the account. Please use that link within 72 hours. Shouldn't it be possible to finalize the registration within this time, the registration will be deleted automatically. After these 72 hours we can no more send this activation link again, because your data of this not-activated registration was already deleted. You can simply register again with valuephone using the same e-mail address.

6. What shall I do if I forgot my username or password?
On the main page choose the link "Forgotten password?" and enter your e-mail address. You will receive an e-mail that contains a link with which you can define a new password, after you answered your personal question correctly. Should you have forgotten the correct answer, the account will be locked automatically if you enter the answer five times wrong and cannot be reactivated! For further questions please contact our support at support@valuephone.com.

7. Were can I manage my personal information?
Please login to the website and click on the name left to the gear icon. So you enter the settings of your account. Here you can change your personal information and your password or even delete your acount. In the tab "vpFriends" you can manage specific settings for your usage of vpFriends and teamlists. For example you can change your avatar, define who can find you or send messages to you via vpFriends or which notifications you want to receive.

8. Can I change the settings in the app as well?
Yes, you can not only change your settings on the website but also in the app. You even have further settings and possibilities that refer especially to the usage of the "Shopping List". For example you can completely reset your app, if there is some trouble. Also see question 12. What's the function "Reset application" for?

9. How can I use the "Shopping List" correctly?
Use the button "+" or "Add shopping list" to create a new list. Enter the list name and choose "OK". Your shopping list is created, you can directly enter the first name of your desired product. In the new shopping list you can add or edit items (delete, sort manually or by alphabetical order), search for single items, forward or reactivate the list. If you are using vpFriends you can even share the list with other users and edit it together! We propose to write quantities and units directly into the input field of the item. Did you put an item to your shopping bag, you can check the item off and it disappears from the list. "Reactivate" deletes all checks and you can reuse the list for the next shopping haul.

10. Is it possible to synchronize two smartphones?
Yes, but the synchronization doesn't happen directly from one mobile phone to another, it always needs the central system. It's required that you have registered and are logged in both the smartphone apps. After you have synchronized your data from the first mobile phone, the data is available on the system. Now also synchronize the second mobile phone and your data from the system will be transmitted to the second phone as well.

11. Can I scan EAN codes or QR codes of my products?
Yes, you can scan your products with the "Shopping List". Please open the desired shopping list and choose "Add item" or the icon "+". Left to the input field choose the barcode item and scan the barcode of the product. If the product is known to us, it can be added directly to the particular shopping list. If not, you have the possibility to enter the name of the item and transmit it to us. The name will be added to your shopping list then. In the current version it's not possible to scan QR codes.

12. What's the function "Reset application" for?
By the button "Reset application" the original state of the app is restored, similiar to a new installation. That means the current account is logged off and therefore all personal settings and contents deleted! Thats why you better do a synchronization before you reset the app. The advantage: you can login with a new account to the "Shopping List" or do a new registration without any need to install the app again.

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What do the applications cost?
The apps are for free. Only charges for internet connection depending on your mobile phone contract will arise. Please ask your provider.
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Am I bound by contract?
No, neither with the registration nor with the download or usage of the software arises any kind of contractual relation.
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